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Specialists in classic vehicle restoration, protection and customisation. There are few cars we haven't worked on.

At Classic Direct we are lovers of all vehicles, from classic cars and motorcycles to old vans, trailers and even boats. We take our restoration, detailing and customisation skills around the world and have worked on some of the most beautiful vehicles, fulfilling life long passions.

From full car restoration to regular detailing maintenance and paint protection, our skill set means if you have a special vehicle that needs attention, love and car to restore or maintain its ultimate condition, we are the place to come.


Barn find joy...

Industry Experience

We’ve earned our experience and we pass this on to all our staff.

Brilliant Team

Our loyal team build trust and thrive on a love of vehicles, benefiting every customer we work with.

Creative & Professional

We love finding solutions to the most complex of issues with any vehicle, through our creative and logical approach to problem solving.

Quality Products

We only use the best, market leading products for restoration, customisation and detailing. From paint correction tools to paint protection coatings, it’s only the best for our customers cars.

100% Result Guarantee

Work with us to create the perfect package for your vehicle and we will back it up with our guarantee. A service you can trust, backed up with buying protection.

Why Work with Us

5 Principles of Our Work

We have worked tirelessly to build our network of loyal clientele, built on the foundations of our core beliefs, work ethic and training. Working on any vehicle, old or new, is a special privilege that we take pride in, coming from our roots in car detailing.

For our customers to trust in us, we ensure we never forget our principles or where we came from.

Our Services

  • 1. Vehicle Detailing

    Detailing is a complex and highly skilled method of cleaning and restoring vehicles, their paintwork, trim and fabrics. The advanced methods and products that we utilise are world leading, valuable and long lasting.

  • 2. Paint Correction

    A very specific process as part of a detailing package, paint correction is multi stage, including machine polishing and industry leading products to remove paint contamination and imperfections, restoring shine, enhancing colour and returning gloss.

  • 3. Paint Protection

    Repelling debris and contamination from the roads is essential when looking to maintain the quality finish and shine of your vehicle. Market leading products provide not only a barrier between your paint and the element but also self healing properties that ensure this layer stays sharp, glossy and provides the best look for your paintwork. Waxes, ceramic coatings and paint protection film are all available from Classic Direct.

  • 4. Interior Detailing

    Clean, restore and protect the inside of your vehicle the same way you care for the exterior. Our processes and advanced products remove all dirt, return shine and fabric clarity and provide a new layer of protection throughout. Enjoy the comfort of your vehicle like never before.

  • 5. Convertible Restoration

    Fabric roofs are susceptible to damage for obvious reasons, the main one being discolouring and fading. This can be easily remedied by a top professional detailer, bring back the deep colour of your roof whilst applying protection to the surface to ensure it repels dirt and water for many months.

  • 6. Windscreen Protection

    A crack in any windscreen, supercar, classic or run of the mill vehicle will leave a dent in the wallet and a sinking feeling in the heart. New to our service offering is windshield protection film, leading the way in protecting the glass of our special cars.

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